Introduction to Nodejs

Posted on Feb 2017

by Krishna Singh

Understanding nodejs in details.

Node is a javascript runtime build on Chrome’s V8 javascript engine which is actually powering the google Chrome browser. By runtime I mean it provides a platform similar to JVM which supports java programming language the only difference is that nodejs supports javascript as a language.

It was written by Ryan Dahl in 2009. Its an open source , cross patform javascript runtime environment.

Tips: Make sure you dont confuse nodejs with a language, its a runtime platform for running javascript on server side.

The best thing about nodejs is native support for event driven programming and asynchronous I/O.

It uses single threaded model to handle request in a asynchronous mode and makes use of callback to signal the completion of task.

Tips: Callback in short are block of code whose execution can be controlled and invoked at specific point since they are treated as first class object meaning that they can be assigned to variables, passed as a function argument.