Introduction to mongodb

Posted on Feb 2017

by Krishna Singh

Mongodb a NOSQL, open-source, cross-platform document oriented database system.

Mongodb is a NOSQL database system where NOSQL stands for Not Only SQL which means we don’t write SQL on such database system.

Its stores unstructured and huge amount of data which becomes too expensive incase of RDBMS.

Why do we need NOSQL database?

As we no that day by day no of internet users are growing which in turn is leading to huge amount of data over the internet. If we take example of social network website like facebook which has millions of users, we can imagine how much data facebook is handling. Similarly big giant company have huge volume of data and for managing such huge data NOSQL came into existance.

RDBMS are not suitable for huge volume of data since it is structured and involves to much of join.

Benifits of NOSQL database:

  •   Store large volume of data
  •   High Performance
  •   Dynamic Schemas
  •   Replication
  •   Auto Sharding
  •   Easy Scalability

 Types of NOSQL database:

Types Examples
Key – Value Redis, Dynamo etc.
Column Cassandra,SimpleDB etc.
Document  Mongodb, Couchdb etc
Graph Neo4J,OrientDB etc.