A short history of javascript

Started as a language for browser developed by Brendan Eich in May 1995 who used to work with Netscape. It was not always named as Javascript, the original name was Mocha but later named as Javascipt because of increasing popularity of another server side language named as Java.

Later in 1996 - 1997 javascript was taken by ECMA to carve out the standard specification, which other browser vendor (IE, Mozilla, Safari, Chrome) could then implement. Growing since then with ECMA, Javascript is no more just a language for browser its even used for server side development using Nodejs as a platform. Nodejs can be closely related to jvm which is a runtime environment for java while nodejs is a runtime environment for Javascript. V8 is the engine which powers Nodejs and google chrome brower also. 

Now Javascript is among the top 10 popular programming languages and one cannot imagine web development without Javascript.